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Blue Penguins UK Professional style switchboard commonly known by many as an Auto-Attendant, Interactive Voice Response system, IVR, Virtual Receptionist, or Virtual Switchboard. Professional Style Switchboard, Blue Penguins UK offers an advanced system which automatically answers a call, then provides profecient advanced call diverting.

When a potential or a current customer calls your switchboard number, our system plays a voice recorded menu to the caller prompting them to select a menu option using the digits on their phone. The result of pressing a digit will lead to an action, such as diverting the call to extentions in your switchboard.

All Blue Penguins UK Advanced Switchboards have the option of using Direct Dialing Inward (DDI) numbers along with personal, and team extensions for your teams. Also giving callers the option of by-passing the pre recorded menus and prompts.

Benefits of using Advanced Switchboard Services
Your Blue Penguins UK switchboard may be part of your company's "Business Process" for many years, there will be plenty of changes that you need to control and manage. How does your switchboard manage this? It is very important to be able to save plans so that you can use them again.

Blue Penguins UK business PBX telephone switchboard will remove the barriers and complexity that other telecom providers throw in the way for your sucess. Your business might be seeking to replace an old outdated telephone system, update your company's office phones with the business PBX system from Blue Penguins UK.

Is your business still using an analogue telephone switchboard system, where your business will not get the benefit from features such as call hunt or simultaneous ringing of every telephone phone. BluePenguins provides a professional phone system without having to purchase expensive hardware. Blue Penguins UK uses a cloud telephone based platform which is a focused on voice quality and reliability. Business PBX Switchboard is designed to provide a simple virtual switchboard for businesses that want to provide existing and potential customers with a professional corporate impression.

All your business needs to get started is an reliable broadband connection to purchase telephone service from Blue Penguins UK. We will even provide your business a webphone for use, if you sign-up for the Business PBX Switchboard telephone service, setup of the webphone is simple and your company ready to make professional telephone for your business in matter of minutes of signing up.

Blue Penguins UK knows that every business telephone call counts. So we have always loaded our Business PBX telephone system with powerful, and flexible features that will help your business sound professional. Blue Penguins UK knows many businesses are experts in the products and services they sell, not so great experts when it comes to running their telephone systems. All of Blue Penguins UK products and services are easy to understand, and afford for your business.

Business PBX virtual telephone switchboards
What is a virtual telephone switchboard?
A virtual switchboard is a flexible telephone system that is ideal for companies of all sizes, virtual switchboards cost a fraction to operate verus an onsite analogue switchboards.

Since Our Business PBX Switchboard is hosted in the cloud, your business will need only minimal or no hardware, this provision will keep your start up costs low, which will give your business potential cost savings and efficiency gains.

Switching your current companies telephone systems to Blue Penguins UK can be very simple, we can migrate your existing telephone numbers, or supply your company with new local geographic numbers, which Blue Penguins UK Telecom offers local geographic number ranges in over six hundred local UK cities and towns.

Your new business telephone number can be yours for as long as your company remains with Blue Penguins UK. Since your new telephone number is virtual, your business will never need to change your companies phone number again, even if you move premises. Your company will be very happy with Blue Penguins UK and never want to switch telecom providers, but should your company decide to switch Blue Penguins UK to another provider.

Our company has standard porting agreements with many other telecom providers, that means your buisness telephone number can be moved to most telecom providers in the United Kingdom.

Enterprise phone services for any business without the costs.
What is a Business PBX virtual telephone switchboard from Blue Penguins UK?
Business PBX virtual switchboard is a cloud hosted telephone service designed for companies, groups, or individuals that desire the scale and mobility of a corporate switchboard at a fraction of the cost. Business PBX virtual switchboard telephone number can be forwarded to an auto attendant, answerphone, any home, office, mobile, or VoIP device

Business PBX switchboard allows your business or organisation to live and work under terms set by you. Our call diversion system allows your company to direct your business telephone calls to a fixed, mobile, international, or VoIP destination, and it does not matter where your employees are. Blue Penguins UK have operated and hosted our business PBX telephone switchboard for a few years now, listened to our customers and feedback given to us. Advanced Switchboard Solutions was invented to stay comptetive from an ever changing telecommunication market. We decided to publish the features of Advanced Switchboard Solutions because we wanted to share some of the insight gained, so that you might understand some of the subtleties behind the decisions that we made creating a coroprate switchboard for an average small business.

We never ceased to be impressed by the thought that our Advanced Switchboard could be the best vital tool for any small business. Many case studies illustrate how the features add benefit to any small business. Whatever switchboard you choose to bulid; we hope that our Advanced Switchboard solutions suits you, and your business well.

Give your callers impression of corporate switchboard professionalism.
Our business PBX telephone switchboard telephone service plan greets your callers with the style of professionalism normally offered by corporate enterprises. The service gives you highly intelligent call management options while remaining easy to use. business PBX telephone switchboard, a telecommunication service that is affordable for businesses of all sizes and at a small fraction of the cost of purchasing a real switchboard. There's no need for any hardware, you use your existing phones for answering your calls.

Our business PBX telephone switchboard sits on our virtual telephone service platform, which comes with an online clubhouse portal for managing your inbound destinations that can change at any given notice as need. Our business PBX telephone switchboard can be used an tool for your everyday business needs.

Our business PBX telephone switchboard allows your inbound calls to be diverted to either different departments, divisions, locations, individuals or even teams that are on the constent move in rapid fast paced business setting. You can set up your switchboard to divert your Blue Penguins UK telephone number to different destinations whether it be a landline, mobile, or international destination.

If you business is a very small operation, our switchboard can give your customers the impression of being a big corporate business. Each switchboard destination can be set up to smart hunt group, and can go to answerphone if not available to take that particular call. Your designated destinations can be set up to work entirely differently than other departments. Information lines with Recorded information such as Special Offers, or Your mailing address, or your website address can be setup as supplementary options.

Key features and benefits of Business PBX Switchboard.

  • The cost factor and savings - Because your business does not have to buy expensive hardware associated with a traditional switchboard, business PBX switchboard from Blue Penguins UK is much less expensive since it is hosted in the cloud. Besides most traditional fixed line switchboard systems have high startup fees, but Business PBX Switchboards allow small businesses to have a professional switchboard system at a fraction of the cost.

  • Set-up your virtual switchboard within minutes, not hours. - Your will not have to scramble around to set up the wires for a new switchboard telephone system. Your business can save money, since it will not have the need to hire someone to set the switchboard up. Business PBX Switchboard allows your business to set up your virtual switchboard more quickly and effortlessly.

  • VoIP quality telephone service. - Many businesses have thought about giving up a traditional fixed based telephone line also known as a landline. This could may make any business decision maker nervous, but with virtual telephone systems hosted in the cloud, switching to VoIP for your business could not be easier than ever before. VoIP telephone service is more reliable and quality very comparable to your landline provider. With the use of webphones your business can make telephone calls also within minutes setup as well.

  • Great features of a Virtual Switchboard. - Many Virtual switchboard systems have a bunch of features that traditional services would not have, such as the ability to easily divert your business telephone calls to another landline, or mobile destination.
Advanced Switchboard Solutions

Business PBX Virtual Telephone Switchboard.