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Local Numbers from Bluepenguins UK

Service Package: Virtual Telephone Connect
Your calls are diverted to your chosen destination or multiple destinations depending on which divert programme you selected. Virtual Telephone Connect also lets your callers leave a message on your virtual answerphone, if you don't pick up or unavailable to take the call. Virtual Telephone Connect Services would help you and/or business that do not lose valuable business, when you are away from the office, or if your line is busy.

Number Range: Local Geographic Number
Selective Numbers in the 01 and 02 Ranges

Quality phone service that is hard to beat.
With VoIP telephone service with Blue Penguins UK, there is never a huge battle for bandwidth even when telephone calls and internet usage are at their peak. Blue Penguins UK telephone systems are designed to help our business VoIP customers. Blue Penguins UK offers your company a better business experience unparalleled reliability and a secure network you can trust.

Cost to call a Local UK Telephone Number
'Not much' from BT landlines (it depends on what price plans the caller is on). When calling from UK mobiles it's usually taken from inclusive minutes.

Local Geographic Telephone Number Image.
Our Local Geographic Telephone Numbers are virtual numbers; meaning that you or your business can have a number with any area code you like.

Telephone systems designed with your business in mind.
Our virtual telephone systems are designed to make your business effient. Tailor-made rather than off- the-peg, they are flexible and adaptable to ensure your perfect fit. You can add extra services when the time is right for you. And because we listen to our customers we continually improve our solutions based on what you need to help drive your business forward..
Mobile Accessibility: Very good
Pricing of calls are very good from many mobiles, and minutes are also included in many mobile packages to UK geographic numbers.

International Accessibility: Perfect
All UK geographic numbers also have superior international accessibility. Ideal for use by overseas callers, and all international operators must support this range

Total cost and call diversion charges
Blue Penguins UK local numbers can cost up to two and half pence per minute for diversion to a 01, 02 and 03 number on a Virtual Telephone Connect Service Plan. Diversions to Voip destinations are currently not available on any Virtual Telephone Connect Plans. International, mobile, and forwarding to other call numbers will endure additional call charges.

Live Answering Service for your number
Add a professional human answering service, to your Mancunian number with Professional Answers. The professional human operator will take a message for you so your clients do not deal with a machine. - Professional Answers

Local numbers also known as a virtual one.
Blue Penguins UK carries over six hundred area codes for every town and city in the United Kingdom. Using a local telephone number is a great option for any businesses looking to expand in markets where the business does not have or want to open a new office. Many individuals in many towns across the United Kingdom will only trust local suppliers, tradesmen, or shops. Despite that your business is just a few miles away, but may have telephone number based in another town. Your telephone number tells a tale about your business and where it is based, you could grow your customer base in many bigger towns such as Liverpool, or Manchester with a local telephone number. With Blue Penguins UK Virtual Telephone Numbers, you can have a local telephone number for every town and city in the UK you wish to receive enquiries. Because our telephone range is 'virtual', you do not have to be physically based in the any relevant town or city to use them, unlike the normal traditional landline offered by British Telecom.

Be established Virtually in a big city
Your number does not have to be where your business is located. You can have a Liverpool or Manchester number and give the impression that you are a locally based business in that particular city even if your office actually might be in a little village in Cheshire.

Keeping outbound calling costs down
Like any other business line, you will incur costs when you make outgoing calls through your business line and when calls are diverted to your mobile phone or another landline. Our call costs are very competitive with other VoIP telephony providers, along with other savings you can expect when using your Virtual Telephone Connect number.

Local area numbers for your business
Local Geographic numbers show your business operates in a specific area by the use a local area code, Blue Penguins UK offers local geographic area codes for your business on our Virtual Telephone Services. There are wide range of area codes are available for use in your business, e.g. Liverpool 0151, Manchester 0161, Bolton 01204, Blackpool 01253, Preston 01772 and many more. A virtual local numbers are perfect for your business if you want give the impression that your business has a office in that particular geographic location. Office spaces in major cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and London tend to be more expensive, especially Manchester, and therefore local geographic numbers can give the impression of being more established in a particular region.

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Pick a local Blue Penguins UK Telephone Number from a selection below.

Tariff Rate for using a Local Geographic Number from a Blue Penguins UK Service Plan
3.00 monthly subscription of rate, paid semi-annually in advance of 18.00 exclusive of VAT.

Initial line rental can vary from five to six month line rental.

Your Virtual Telephone Connect are then billed semi-anually in advance of 18.00
(not including VAT.)

Outbound Call Rates - call costs are very competitive with other VoIP telephony providers and in this section we outline what the costs are to make telephone call. The costs incurred when you make calls from your Virtual Telephone Connect number will vary depending on a number of factors such as whether you are calling a geographic landline or a mobile and where in the world you are calling to.

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges, the actual cost of pointing your number.

Your Local Geographic Number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom
Will indicate that you are a local based business or organisation that is not trying to puff itself up.

The simple facts about using local Blue Penguins UK number versus a actual mobile telephone number for a business.
  • 90% of the things we buy are within a twenty mile radius of where we reside.

  • 75% said they would or were more likely to answer a call from a local geographic than a 07 mobile number.

  • 71% were unlikely or would not answer a call from a withheld or unfamiliar number.

  • 70% of people prefer to call a local number close to where they reside than any other phone number.

  • We can help you identify the relevant numbers and features that your business will need.

  • Your customers will most likely connect with your business and you will get more calls.

  • Virtual Telephone Connect can also deliver calls to an existing mobile, or landline destination.
    (There will be a small call diversion charge if your business decides to go this route.)

  • You can move your phone service to different locations around the globe, and as often as you need.

  • Blue Penguins UK has a telephone number available for every town across the United Kingdom.

  • Purchase a Geographic Telephone number, and get connected with your local market.
Outbound calling: Costs and savings of using your Blue Penguins UK Number
All businesses in the United Kingdom will incur some type of cost to make and recieve calls for their businesses. Another interesting fact is that many Voip and telecom companies in the United Kingdom will offer businesses either a unlimited or bundle minutes package on pricey business telephone plans. Most UK telecom companies anticipate that the average business in the United Kingdom could use 1,000 minutes monthly of outbound calls. Let's assume that your business is not average business and uses far less than 200 monthly minutes of outbounding calling. Like many companies such as web hosting and many other service providers who make a profit by (overselling) knowing that most users will never use the average usage. Bluepenguins outbound calling is a pay as you go, which means you pay for only the minutes you actually use. Get rid of pricey landline telephone lines, since Blue Penguins UK business telephone hardware is hosted in the cloud.

What else does Blue Penguins UK offers other than just provide a plain telephone number?
Virtual Telephone Connect offer phone services along with your number. These services may include:

  • Caller Line Display Allowing you to see who is calling before you pick up the phone.
  • Call diversion The ability to send incoming calls to other fixed, or mobile destinations.
  • Call waiting The chance to take an incoming call while you are still busy with another phone call.
  • Do not disturb Have your calls instantly diverted to your answerphone without ringing at your end.
  • Three-way calling Particularly useful for small businesses looking to hold conference calls.
  • Answerphone Not just an answering service on your telephone,
    but one that can be accessed via email or your online clubhouse.

Local geographic telephone numbers for your business, hosted in the cloud?
Blue Penguins UK does provide a webphone for your company to make and recieve telephone calls for your business at no additional charge. If your business wants to connect existing analogue devices such as desk and cordless telephones to your virtual business number, your company will need to invest money into a device called the analogue telephone adapter (ATA) in order to keep the companies telephone system working with VoIP.

Blue Penguins UK currently has over six hundred local telephone number ranges available for your company to choose from. A Blue Penguins UK number is easy for any company to set up, your business can be making and receiving business calls in matter of minutes of signing up service from our webphone.

Local UK telephone numbers is becoming a big seller, as more companies want to appear local. Local business telephone numbers are mainly used by companies who want to advertise in any given market of where there is no office or shop. Local telephone numbers and services offered by Blue Penguins UK, can simply be diverted also to an existing landline or mobile destination making it seem local.

How can a VoIP telephone system can benefit your business?
VoIP also known as voice over Internet Protocol is getting noticed by many small business located in the United Kingdom. Just remember that VoIP can combine voice and data together on a very secure network, and your company might want to consider using a VoIP telephone system for your business phone needs.

What is VoIP Telephone System?
VoIP allows your company to have your business telephone system running on an IP network, instead of the traditional fixed land based telephone system, which is also known as a landline. A VoIP telephone system can give your company a cost effective way to-use a fully featured telecommunications business solution at a fraction of the cost.

When you switch your business to a VoIP telephone system, your company will increase productivity by combining and simplifying your business telephone communication needs. Besides VoIP will also make sure that your companies voice and data send through the networks will be more secure. All employees in your companu can more easily access your virtual business telephone system, whether they are in the office, on the mobile, working from home, or in a remote location that no one has ever heard of.