What is a Personal Extension?

Each individual within your business, whom you want to make or receive calls using your Advanced Switchboard, requires a personal extension. Each Personal Extension is an ‘end point' for your Advanced Switchboard.

Each Personal Extension can:
  • Receive calls
  • Be routed via a Team Extension
  • Be routed from a Reception Extension
  • All Calls from your pro switchboad can be routed to an existing PTSN or VOIP destination.
  • VOIP calls can be made from our pro switchboard inbuilt WebPhone,
    or a VOIP headset provided by your company.
All calls diverted a VOIP destinations are included in the switchboard,
but only works with a high speed broadband connection provided by your company.

All calls routed to a landline, or mobile destinations will incurr extra call charges.
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