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0800 Freephone Numbers
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Service Package: Facsimile Service
Despite the Internet revolution, traditional fax machines still prove useful in many industries. However, Facsimile Service introduces intelligent new features that maximise the 'simple' advantages of fax technology while overcoming many of the technical hassles. To get started, just select a number to become your company fax number. Choosing one that's in sequence with your phone new number is a good idea. Then Facsimile Service will do the rest.

Number Range: Freephone
0800 011 xxxx

Cost to call a 0800 Freephone Number
'Free from BT landlines and many other telcoms. When calling from UK mobiles there may be charge depending on the service provider.

0800 Freephone Telephone Number Image.
Everyone knows what an 0800 number is and that they can call it without fear of a high call cost from a UK landline. Advance Voice Numbers from Blue Penguins UK could help your business by maximising a marketing potential tool by encouraging your customers and others to call you for free.

Mobile Accessibility: Very good
Pricing of calls are very decent from many mobile operators, but the pricing is not as free friendly for mobile callers. Some mobile telcoms may charge up to twenty pence a minute to ring a 0800 freephone from a mobile.

International Accessibility: Perfect
All UK Freephone 0800 numbers also have some international accessibility. Not as great for the use by overseas callers, although many international operators may support this range, there may be a few that will not support this range. Callers will pay the same international rate as if they were calling a UK geographic number.

Regulatory issues.
Offcom plans to bring new regulation on 0800 freephone numbers for mobiles, making the same the cost as landlines now pay for a 0800 Freephone number. These regulatory changes should take place sometime in 2013.

Total cost of call diversion charges
Blue Penguins UK 0800 Fax numbers can cost up to four pence per minute for diversion to an existing 01, 02 and 03 landline destinations. Diversions to International Destinations are possible with your Blue Penguins UK Fax number, but will incur higher call charges. Setting your Blue Penguins UK Fax number to a email destination where it be converted to PDF file. Which the cost of recieving a Fax could have significtly lower cost than to send it to through a traditional fax machine and facsimile destination.

Picking an 0800 number from Blue Penguins UK
When you are called on that particular number. Our system diverts your call to any landline and mobile destination of your choice, which can be anywhere in the world. Diverting your freephone number to mobile and international destinations will incur addtional call charges. Freefone numbers could increase your advertising response rates.

Pick a 0800 Facsimile Service Number from a selection of numbers below.

Tariff Rate for a 0800 Freephone Facsimile Number Telephone Service Plan
5.00 monthly subscription of rate, paid semi-annually in advance of 30.00 exclusive of VAT.

Initial line rental can vary from five to six month line rental.
One off adminstration charge also appiles to setup your number of 19.95, plus Vat.

0800 Freephone Facsimile Number renewals are then billed semi-anually in advance of 30.00, plus VAT.

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges, the actual cost of pointing your number.

With 0800 Freephone Numbers from Blue Penguins UK Telecom.
Your customers will feel that they are dealing with sound, and reliable professionals. A freephone number would give the impression that your company is a national coroporate enterprise, very serious about business. Attracting new customers is very vital for any type of business and what if they can ring you for free from a landline. This could lead the way for more telephone enquiries, and possibly could see an increase sales for your business.