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Professional Recorded Voice Over Services
Making a perfect first good impression.

The benefits of Professional Recorded Voice Services
Makes every Basic or Advanced Switchboard sounds as good as it works.

Professional Voice Over Services versus Yourself.
You can save time trying to record professional messages yourself and it might easy as it looks, after realising that it is actually harder to get a perfect recording than you specualated.

No loss of service during recording.
The soundfiles are added to a 'test copy' of your Switchboard.

No hassle setup
we integrate the soundfiles into your Basic or Advanced Switchboard.

Specify the script
receive the professionally recorded soundfiles with a quick turnaround.
How much does it cost for Professional Voice Over Services?
Professional Recorded Voice Over Services is available with any Switchboard at affordable prices for all businesses, with no hidden costs. Prices start from just around sixty pound sterling, plus VAT for up to ten recording prompts and for every five additional prompt recordings the cost is only thirty pounds excluding VAT .

Professional Recorded Voiceovers from Blue Penguins UK Telephones
Your tone of voice can say everything about your business
Whether you want to sound polished and professional, or friendly and relaxed. That's where ProVoiceOver comes in, helping you to give callers the perfect first impression. Our professional voice artists will record your greetings and switchboard prompts, following a script you specify in whichever voice style you prefer. We will then add their messages to your Switchboard service account.

For any business whetver it be small or a large company, hiring a professional voice artist to record your switchboard messages can give an everlasting impression about your business. Using a Professional Recorded Voiceover service is well worth the investment for any business. Presenting customers with a well spoken messages that properly recorded is a subtle, but important way to give an everlasting impression about your business and your company's high standard towards professionalism. Practicly on any given there is a difference between professionalism and managerialism. A professional recorded greeting on your switchboard could also mean the difference between the caller sticking around or hanging up, which could mean a loss in a sales. Our professional recorded voice over services are very affordable in prices. Nowadays, the final product is generally delivered to your switchboard account generally in the MP3 file format, and your professionally recorded greeting prompts are placed in a seperate test file, then added to your switchboard account once the professional voice recordings are approved.