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Telephone Number Ranges Available

0161 Numbers  -  Mancunian numbers
Create a 'virtual' location for your business in prestigious Manchester Region, one of the fastest growing markets in the North West and England. Ideal for ambitious regional companies or overseas businesses wanting a UK 'presence' that is not London.
Pick a Facsimile Services 0161 Mancunian Number

0800 Numbers  -  Freephone
Gain a powerful and immediate way to attract new business with your advertising. Customers will be attracted by the free number, choosing your business... giving you a competitive advantage.
Pick a Facsimile Services 0800 Freephone Number

0844 Numbers  -  Special Rate
Perfect if you're cautious about costs. Choose a 'national company' style number - that will help to pay for itself. UK Landline destinations are included in this package, revenue sharing is only available on our Basic Connect package.
Pick a Facsimile Services 0844 Special Rate Number

0845 Numbers  -  Local Rate
Ideal way to attract more customers with cheap calls - and pay very little yourself. Give yourself a 'national' company image combined with caller-friendly, local-style call rates for customers.
Pick a Facsimile Services 0845 Local Rate Number

UK Local  -  Geographic Numbers
Create a 'local office' for your company, with a 'local number' that offers all the flexibility of our online controls and diverts. UK Local numbers help you to win business whenever people tend to call local suppliers first.
Pick a Facsimile Services Local UK Geographic Number

Fax Services: Making faxing smarter than ever and keeping it simple.
Facsimile Telephone Service is simple as it suggests, Our service plans which allow any faxes to be diverted into an exisiting landline destination or to be converted into PDF file and sent as an attachment to an email destination. This will allow anyone with access to the internet that has access to an email account to receive faxes.
Facsimile to email also means no more waiting for the fax to ring, running out of paper, fax-roll and ink, and occasionally your fax can get jammed, Receive your Faxes by email also gives you to option to print it at your convient and you can sent it more easily as forward to multiple email destinations as oppose to sending as using the traditional facsimile paper sending method. The fax to email can be a perfect alternative to the traditional way of faxing, with no engaged tones to deal with, or paper, and no fax rolls to purchase.
Key features and benefits of Facsimile Services from Blue Penguins UK
  • Choose your own fax number from our telephone ranges to suit your needs.
  • Keep your number when you move
  • Divert fax calls to your regular fax machine number or to different machine
  • Our system can receive faxes and send them on to you by email
  • Avoid missing important faxes because your machine is busy or out of paper
  • There's no need to phone the office to see if a fax has arrived.
    Check your email inbox instead
  • Save yourself from having a buy a new fax machine
    If you are happy to receive faxes by email only

Facsimile services that suits your goals with Blue Penguins UK
The traditional fax machine is becoming an invaluable communications tool for many businesses in the modern world. However facismile to email services from Blue Penguins UK can made a significant difference for any business, also helping reducing stress and giving extra flexibility with how the delivery faxes are delivered whether to an email or a landline destination. It is very easy to choose a destination whether it be an email or a landline which you can change it any time and many times as needed, which is included with your fax service.

If you need help deciding whether facsimile services with Blue Penguins UK is right for your business or choosing a number range to that would be suitable for your facsimile service, you can alternatively give us a ring on 0161 713 2867.