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0845 Business Rate Numbers
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Service Package: Facsimile Service
Despite the Internet revolution, traditional fax machines still prove useful in many industries. However, Facsimile Service introduces intelligent new features that maximise the 'simple' advantages of fax technology while overcoming many of the technical hassles. To get started, just select a number to become your company fax number. Choosing one that's in sequence with your phone new number is a good idea. Then Facsimile Service will do the rest.

Number Range: UK Business Rate Number
0845 686 xxxx

Cost to call a 0845 UK Telephone Number
BT landline rates are 4p, 2p and 1p per minute Day, Night and Weekend (inc. VAT), more from mobile networks. .

Regulatory issues
Ofcom have been wondering what to do about this range, but our best guess is that it will be unlikely to change in the next 2 years or so.

Mobile accessibility
All UK mobile operators tend to overcharge for calls to 0845 telephone numbers

International Accessibility: Decent
An international operator may charge more for a call made to a 0845 number than would be charged to a local geographic 01, 02, or 03 Number. Although many international operators will support this range, some may not support the 0845 range, and not be as reliable to recieve calls into the United Kingdom from aboard from your 0845 number.

Typical Applications
Usually in a soft sales or support situation where callers are not so cost-sensitive and the owner wishes to have fixed costs. Often compared to 0844 numbers, although the public are more familiar with 0845 (which are also cheaper to call, specially at weekends).

With a 0845 Business Rate Number
Give yourself a 'national' company image combined with caller friendly, low cost style call rates for customers.

Pick a 0845 Facsimile Service Number from a selection of numbers below.

Tariff Rate for a 0845 Business Rate Facsimile Number Telephone Service Plan
5.00 monthly subscription of rate, paid semi-annually in advance of 30.00 exclusive of VAT.

Initial line rental can vary from five to six month line rental.
One off adminstration charge also appiles to setup your number of 19.95, plus Vat.

0845 Business Rate Facsimile Number renewals are then billed semi-anually in advance of 30.00, plus VAT.

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges, the actual cost of pointing your number.

Picking an 0845 number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom
Will open up your business to the entire UK, not just your local area. Gaining your business access to a much larger market with the help of from Blue Penguins UK.