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Service Package: Virtual Telephone Connect

Your calls are diverted to your chosen destination or multiple destinations depending on which divert programme you selected. Virtual Telephone Connect also lets your callers leave a message on your advance voice answerphone, if you don't pick up or unavailable to take the call. Virtual Telephone Connect Services would help you and/or business that do not lose valuable business, when you are away from the office, or if your line is busy.

Number Range: Local Mancunian Number
0161 939 xxxx

Cost to call a 0161 UK Telephone Number
'Not much' from BT landlines (it depends on what price plans the caller is on). When calling from UK mobiles it's usually taken from inclusive minutes.

0161 Mancunian Telephone Number Image.
Our local telephone number may indicate it being a Manchester city centre location (although technically, the 0161 939 xxxx range could possibly anywhere in the Manchester area).

Mobile Accessibility: Very good
Pricing of calls are very good from many mobiles, and minutes are also included in many mobile packages to UK geographic numbers.

International Accessibility: Perfect
All UK geographic numbers also have superior international accessibility. Ideal for use by overseas callers, and all international operators must support this range

Total cost and call diversion charges:
Blue Penguins UK 0161 numbers can cost up to two and half pence per minute for diversion to landline destinations on a Virtual Telephone Connect Service Plan.

Blue Penguins UK created Virtual Telephone Connect VoIP system, as a better way to provide reliable, affordable, and quality business telephone service for calls to both landlines and mobiles as cheaper alternative method of making business telephone calls versus using the more expensive outdated fixed land based telephone system, known to the world as the landline.

Diverting your Virtual Telephone Connect business phone to international, mobile, and UK landline destinations will endure additional call charges.

The advantages of virtual numbers?
Blue Penguins UK Telecom's local virtual numbers are used by companies who want to have a presense in an area which they do not have an actual office or shop. Virtual local numbers from Blue Penguins UK Telecom; can simply get diverted to your existing landline, or mobile destination making you look local. Your business can achieve a local presense, by presenting relevant local geographic number on your website, business cards, letters and advertising.

Save on outbound calling
This is traditionally where there have been many cost savings to be made. We have done a comparison of some standard calls, with different durations. In some cases it is hard to find out what the tariffs of the supplier are, or if you do find them, they are often complicated. Frequently the complexity hides some surprisingly large charges.

Choose your own number!
Find a telephone number that means something for your business. We do not just automatically assign a your business just any random number for use. Simply use the number chooser shown above and find a telephone number that will mean something to your business or find consecutive numbers so telephone number and facsimile lines match.

Appear to be based in Manchester
One of the main reasons that companies would want a 0161 Mancunian number is to give people the impression that they have a Manchester office. Manchester is a very popular city for businesses to operate in after London. A 0161 telephone number suggests that you are based there. Your calls can be diverted to any other phone, so you do not have to actually have an office in Manchester to have an 0161 telephone number. This works for companies based in the UK and abroad that want to have a 0161 Mancunian presence.

Some example uses of virtual numbers
Advertising in local directory, or newspaper? Use a local virtual telephone number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom that is the same as the area you are advertising in. You will be suprised on how many calls you will get from people who think you are “just around the corner”.

If you are listed in the Yellow Pages, or want to advertise in multiple directories and Yellow Pages. Use our virtual telephone numbers to give the impression that your business is more local than it actually is in reality.

Gold Numbers, easy to remember numbers!
An memorable telephone numbers for clients easy to remember is a gold number. For example it is easier to remember a telephone number that ends 22 66 88 than it is to remember a phone number ending 61 43 95.

Gold numbers can be great for advertising as they are more catchy and stick in any individual's heads more easily, so they are more likely to remember a catchy Manchester 0161 gold number without a pen and paper handy.

Gold Phone numbers can also be used to spell words using the keypad which also makes it easy for people to remember, like 0161 939 SELL. There are many Mancunian 0161 Gold Telephone numbers now availble for your business to use, and make it easy for your clients to remember your business phone number!

Keep your mobile number private!
Why not expand your business into neighbouring towns, cities, or communities and get a local virtual telephone number from Blue Penguins UK? We have several hundreds of local number ranges available across the United Kingdom.

How would a mobile telephone number look, if that was used in print advertisement or on web page? You can use a different Virtual Telephone Connect phone numbers for each advertisment you place, in order to measure it's response rate for the placement.

Even phone calls can be diverted to the existing mobile telephone number. You can add a Virtual Telephone Connect phone number to your existing mobile telephone, and use it as your business line. You will be able to tell if the call is coming from your business telephone number and answer it in your business name or send it to answerphone.

A Virtual Telephone Connect number can protect your privacy on your mobile as well. With Virtual Telephone Connect, you get the control and protection to be free to make and recieve anywhere in the world as long as there is an internet connection, and even offline from a special Dialup Access number also known as DAN.

Virtual Telephone Connect can help keep your personal mobile telephone number private and never disclosed to your clients.

Live Answering Service for your number
Add a professional human answering service, to your Mancunian number with Professional Answers. The professional human operator will take a message for you so your clients do not deal with a machine. - Professional Answers

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Pick a 0161 Virtual Telephone Connect Number from a selection of numbers below.

Tariff Rate for a 0161 Macunian Virtual Telephone Connect Telephone Service Number
£ 3.00 monthly subscription of rate, paid semi-annually in advance of £18.00 exclusive of VAT.
Initial line rental can vary from five to six month line rental.
0161 Mancunian Advance Connect renewals are then billed semi-anually in advance of £18.00, plus VAT.

Virtual Connect Telephone Numbers are perfect for:
  • New companies - activation and setup of your telephone service within twenty minutes.
    So you do not have to wait 10 days like with some other telephone providers.

  • Sole traders - Choose a professional number and forward to your Zoiper mobile app.
    Make and recieve cheap calls when on the road through your Mobile Broadband or WIFI.

  • UK wide companies - Get a local number for every major town and city you business trades in.
    Your business can choose an non geographic UK Wide number such as a 0800 freephone, .

  • Home Workers - Your number can be pointed to your webphone, IP phone, or Zoiper mobile app.
    With Virtual Telephone Connect you will always be reached even when on the road
Outbound Call Rates - call costs are very competitive with other VoIP telephony providers and in this section we outline what the costs are to make telephone call. The costs incurred when you make calls from your Virtual Telephone Connect number will vary depending on a number of factors such as whether you are calling a geographic landline or a mobile and where in the world you are calling to.

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges to other non VOIP destinations,
Click above to see the actual cost of pointing your number to landlines, international and mobiles numbers.

Your 0161 Mancunian Number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom
Will indicates that you are a local based business or organisation that is not trying to puff itself up. 0161 Virtual Telephone Connect numbers can be associated with any location within the Greater Manchester region and are now available for use regardless you are located. Many people could preceive your business as being a Manchester based, making it look more bigger and prestigious company.

Using a Manchester based telephone number may therefore help to assure callers of good standing Manchester based company. Alternatively you may be a Manchester business wanting a simple way to get additional Mancunian telephone number with the features that allows you to be reached even when your the out of the office. Callers to these numbers pay the same as they would any other Manchester telephone number, for some UK callers it may be a local call for some it may be a national rate call.

The simple facts about using local number versus a mobile telephone number for a business.

  • 90% of the things we buy are within a twenty mile radius of where we reside.

  • 75% said they would or were more likely to answer a call from a local geographic number.

  • 71% were unlikely or would not answer a call from a withheld or unfamiliar number.

  • 70% of people prefer to call a local number close to where they reside than any other phone number.

  • We can help you identify the relevant numbers and features that your business will need.

  • Your customers will most likely connect with your business and you will get more calls.

  • Virtual Telephone Connect can also deliver calls to an existing mobile, or landline destination.
    (There will be a small call diversion charge if your business decides to go this route.)

  • To point your Virtual Connect number to a UK landline, the call charge could be only 1.25p per minute.

  • To point your Virtual Connect number to a UK mobile, the call charge could be only 10p per minute.

  • Since Virtual Telephone Connect is hosted in the cloud, and is not tied to a physical line or premise.

  • You can move your phone service to different locations around the globe, and as often as you need.

  • Blue Penguins UK has a telephone number available for every town across the United Kingdom.

  • Purchase a Virtual Telephone Connect number, and get connected with your local market.
Outbound calling: Costs and savings of using your Virtual Telephone Connect number
Like any other business line, you will incur costs when you make outgoing calls through your business line and when calls are diverted to your mobile phone or another landline. The costs incurred when you make calls from your Virtual Telephone Connect number will vary depending on a number of factors such as whether you are calling a geographic landline or a mobile and where in the world you are calling.

An interesting fact is that many Voip and telecom companies may offer unlimited or bundle minutes on their pricey business telephone price plans. Most businesses in the United Kingdom could make an average of 1,000 minutes of outbound calls in a given month. Let's assume that your business is not average business and uses far less than 200 monthly minutes of outbounding calling. Like many companies such as web hosting and many other service providers who make a profit by (overselling) knowing that most users will never use the average usage. Bluepenguins outbound calling is a pay as you go, which means you pay for only the minutes you actually use.

Your business needs a highly reliable telephone system
Your company needs a phone system that unifies all business telecommunications into a simple solution, your business phone number? Since Virtual Telephone Connect is hosted in the cloud, Blue Penguins UK can provide all the same advanced phone features you could get with fixed land based provider, but at a fraction of the cost. Virtual Telephone Connect can take your business to the next level, by connecting users with coworkers and customers around the world, and possibly boosting their productivity within your company.

Compare Business VoIP Providers to Blue Penguins UK
There could be thousands of amazing VoIP telecommincations providers out in the UK, and they every single company would want you as their next customer. Your company needs to pick the right business VoIP provider, and that can be a bit overwhelming when your business is faced with VoIP technology jargon along with several dozen plan options. Do not be overwhelmed by VoIP telephone systems you do not understand jargon ands get a no hassle VoIP Phone System today for less then you your business can think.

At Blue Pennguins, we make getting the right VoIP telehone system for your business a breeze. When it comes to choosing how to communicate with your customers and clients, most businesses realise how important it is to have a business telephone line. Most companies are not completely aware that a Virtual Telephone Connect comes with a variety of cost effective telephone features that help to your company maintain a well organised communication system in a business environment, but at a fraction of the cost of tradtional fixed land telephone provider. Blue Penguins UK cloud based VoIP virtual business telephone service connects many business calls to your company and your staff almost anywhere in the world, anytime!

Virtual Telephone Connect enables your company look, sound, function much like a large established business, without your company having to purchase a complex telephone expensive system. Virtual Telephone Connect also allows you or your employees to have a more of a flexible work schedule, as your company employees are no longer tied to their office desks waiting for potential business telephone calls. You can easily work from almost any location in the world, and still be able to answer your business calls professionally in your companies name.

Blue Penguins UK offers additional features such as answerphone alerts via email and text messaging, even customised personal greetings, so you will never have to worry about missed business calls or opportunities again.

Get a local Geographic telephone number for Your business
Your current and potential clients will both appreciate ringing your local geographic number versus a mobile telephone. Your business can take a local geographic virtual telephone number and divert the calls to any VOIP device, there is no additional charge to divert your virtual telephone number to VoIP destination.

You can even use Virtual Telephone Connect number so friends and family can stay in touch with you. Whether you are moving away from home or just traveling for a summer holiday, you will want a local geographic telephone number for friends and family to reach you on. Choose a local geographic phone number and divert the telephone calls to wherever in the world you are. This can be an international telephone destination or a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) client running on an iPhone or Android, and the possibilities can be endless.

Keeping your business phone calls seperate from personal ones.
A single landline telephone number for any household can be at times more of a curse than a anything. Maybe you are getting tired taking calls for other household members residing in the house. Maybe your company is a home based business and wish to separate business calls from personal calls.

No matter how many telephone number you may need for your business, Blue Penguins UK can help your company get covered with business telephone numbers at reasonable number rental rates. Blue Penguins UK Virtual Telephone Connect can get your company that second telephone number for your home based business. You can give your home based business the freedom and exactly what your company desperately needs, a seperate telephone number for business calls.