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Virtual Telephone Connect Number Ranges Available

0161 Numbers  -  Mancunian numbers
Create a 'virtual' location for your business in prestigious Manchester Region, one of the fastest growing markets in the North West and England. Ideal for ambitious regional companies or overseas businesses wanting a UK 'presence' that is not London.
Pick a Virtual Telephone Connect: 0161 Mancunian Number

UK Local  -  Geographic Numbers
Create a 'local office' for your company, with a 'local number' that offers all the flexibility of our online controls and diverts. UK Local numbers help you to win business whenever people tend to call local suppliers first.
Pick a Virtual Telephone Connect: Local UK Geographic Number
Virtual Telephone Connect and can it benefit my business?
Virtual Telephone Connect is a new VoIP phone Service that gives you access to the UK telephone network using a local or national number, just to make and receive calls anywhere in the world!

Your business can use our free Zoiper webphone or app for your smartphone or tablet, then your business telephone number service goes wherever you go.

All you need to make and recieve business calls is access to 3G/4G data networks, broadband, or wi-fi and you are good to go. If there is no data connection available for the app, you can divert incoming calls to your mobile destination or send it to answerphone, so you never need miss a important business call.

Should you ever go abroad, you can use your Virtualplus telephone number as if you are in the UK, and all telephone calls are charged at the same tarrif as if you are calling from the UK, and your client or customer sees your business number on their CLI.

Can Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) work for my business?
As high speed internet starts to become more affordable for many small businesses in the UK, and VoIP technology is ever changing the face of telephone communications. Many more businesses in the United Kingdom are ditching their traditional fixed telephone landline connection and switching to VoIP due to low costs of making and recieving telephone calls.

What would you need to make VoIP work for your business?
It just depends on the size of your company, the infrastructure you already have in place, and the amount of staff you employ. Just making the switch to VoIP could cost your company almost next to nothing, or there could be significant up front costs.

What if your broadband provider has a bandwidth cap?
Just like many VoIP service providers, Blue Penguins uses high-quality G.711 codec for it's VoIP telephone services, which consumes approximately sixty four kilobytes of data for every single second use your virtual telephone line. VoIP technology can allow a large number of employees within your company to make and recieve calls without having to worry about hitting bandwidth caps, but you better want to keep close tabs on your data usage to avoid exceeding your bandswidth cap.

A telephone system that is hosted in the cloud?
Since Blue Penguins telephone system is cloud based, you will need to make sure your phones can communicate over VoIP. Since most Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone systems like Blue Penguins use session initiation protocol also known as SIP technology to assign each phone or VoIP software client a specific address; you will need a SIP-enabled phone to make VoIP calls.

If you want to keep your old analogue touch-tone or rotary telephones or fax machines to make and recieve business calls. Your business can simply get an analog telephone adapter (ATA).

Blue Penguins does provide a webphone for use on our telephone service plans such as Virtual Telephone Connect, and Business PBX Switchboard. Business PBX Switchboard is a virtual based switchboard, which has all greatest functions of an enterprise corporate switchboard, but at a fraction of the cost. Our webphone is very easy to setup and you could be making telephone calls anywhere in the world for your business within minutes of purchasing Virtual Telephone Connect from Blue Penguins.

What is a virtual telephone number?.
A virtual telephone number, also known as direct dial-in (DDI) or access number, is a telephone number not directly associated with a fixed land based telephone line. Virtual telephone numbers are programmed to divert incoming calls to chosen telephone destination chosen by the user; either fixed, mobile or VoIP destination.

Virtual telephone number can enable a business to have a local presence anywhere in the world, without actually having an physical presence in that particular region where the telephone number originated from. A virtual telephone number can allow a company to have a local presence in a market, without a having to open shop there. Virtual telephone numbers can utilize your existing fixed or mobile telephone number.

A virtual telephone number will allow your business to have full control over the routing of inbound calls, which gives you complete control what destination your companies incoming calls will be diverted to, and you can change the destination at anytime 24/7.

Choose a telephone service that suits your business goals.
Your telephone number tells customers so much about your business; whether they should perceive you as local, national or global company. You may be a small entrepreneur or large corporation, but your number reflects your business ambitions. Any telephone service provided by Blue Penguins, can be used as a valuable tool for growing your business in a powerful way. Take a look at the range of numbers available and the different ranges that are suitable for potential business growth for your company.

Another fact of business, if your business telephone is easy to remember, most likely your customers will remember your number to call you. It does not matter what number range you use for your business, it can be a non geographic number in the 08 telephone range. If you are looking for an easy to remember number for your business to use.

Blue Penguins UK Telecom also has over a hundred possibly thousands of numbers to choose from for your business. Blue Penguins even has available real easy to remember numbers for a reasonable one off charge. The one off charge can range from one pound to over a thousand, depending on the telephone number you pick. There are other numbers that are available without a charge, but may not be so easy to remember.

Many other telecom companies just randomly give you any number, Blue Penguins allows you to pick a your telephone number from hundreds of numbers available.

Why we created Virtual Telephone Connect?.
There are over 300,000 new businesses created every year in the United Kingdom. Keeping operating costs for a new company to a minimum is key to any businesses success during in the first few years. Blue Penguins created Virtual Telephone Connect to provide new businesses in the United Kingdom with an alternative, and yet affordable professional business phone service from the power of the cloud instead of the old fashioned fixed line telephone system, which has been the business standard model for close to a century. Blue Penguins can offer a more sophisticated functionality business phone service for any company as their business grows.

Virtual Phone System that works for UK Businesses
Virtual Telephone Connect eliminates the need for you to be at your desk at all times to make and receive business telephone calls. Blue Penguins flexible telephone system allows your business to receive calls at your desk, in your car, in the office or while on the go. Your Virtual Telephone Connect phone number with Blue Penguins offers great quality business service at affordable rates. Your business can incorporate smart features for an even more effective telecommunications solution. Get a smart virtual telephone number for your business, Blue Penguins offer one of the best virtual telephone service in all of Great Britian.

Could the world's best virtual business line be hosted in the cloud?
Since Virtual Telephone Connect service sits in the Cloud, on very powerful internet servers, Blue Penguins cloud host your telephone number and act as a virtual switchboard routing your business calls over the internet and telephone networks to your clients. So when someone calls your Virtual Telephone Connect business number, Blue Penguins diverts the call to your mobile, landline, or etc depending where you want your telephone number to be pointed to.

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Blue Penguins UK: The effective phone call plan for your business.
Let's talk about using VoIP for business phone needs?
VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a method that take audio signals from your telephone, and turns the signal into digital data that can be sent over the internet. The Internet makes it easier and cheaper to make and recieve telephone calls. Using VoIP, allows your business to connect a phone to your existing broadband connection and make phone calls like you would with a traditional fixed telephone line. Using VoIP technology means cheaper call rates, quicker setup and better flexibilty for your business.

Virtual Telephone Connect is a permanent flexible phone service that is hosted from the cloud and is not associated with any telephone equipment or to any one particular location. Virtual Telephone Connect uses technology which means that your business team can work more efficiently from remote locations. Since Virtual Telephone Connect is totally in the cloud, which allows you to take complete control of your business calls efficiently. One unique telephone number from Blue Penguins allows you to be reached virtually anywhere world, providing there is some internet connection to make the VoIP call to our servers. Just imagine having a single telephone number that directly connects inbound calls to you wherever you are in the UK, whenever you choose.

Blue Penguins eliminates any need to give out private mobile or personal home telephone numbers but gives you the power to receive calls on those lines when you want to. You can route your Virtual Telephone Connect number to an existing landline or mobile destination for a small call diversion charge. When you wish not to be disturbed, simply instruct the make a slight change into your Blue Penguins Club House that normally delivers those calls from your peferred destination, straight to answerphone or professional answers.

How will Bluepenguins Virtual Telephone Connect work at my home or office?
Since Blue penguins Telephone service is hosted in the cloud , and is dependent on the speed and quality of your internet connection. Blue Penguins would recommended testing your internet connection first before deciding whether Blue Penguins will work well for you. If you consistently receive a very good download speed from your broadband provider, you probably will be satisfied using any Voice-over IP service.

What equipment do I need in order to recieve VOIP calls with Bluepenguins?

  • High-speed Cable Modem or DSL Internet connection
    (Cable Modem usually performs better)
  • Possibly a router to share your broadband connection
    (such as Netgear, Linksys, or D-Link, etc)
  • The Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA) which you need to purchase seperately.
Some UK voip telephone providers will provide an ATA adaptor, either as a monthy rental charge, or possibly an additional one off charge. Few will require you to use their ATA adaptpr in order for their telephone service to work. Blue Penguins trys to keep VOIP telephone costs down, by allowing you to purchase all the software, and hardware needed to make telephone calls. Blue Penguins does provide a Webphone as part of the Virtual Telephone Connect package. Bluepenguins WebPhone is a web-based softphone that uses a zoiper based software that allows users to make and receive phone calls by just clicking a link in their clubhouse. The Zoiper Webphone has none of the client side setup issues that plague traditional SIP softphones.

Let's Talk About Virtual Telephone Connect: Making phone calls from the cloud
The Internet and the cloud now makes it easier and cheaper to make telephone calls which is known as VoIP. VoIP or the full name Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a newest method for taking analog telephone audio signals like the kind you hear when you talk on the phone, and turning them into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet. Virtual Telephone Connect allows you to connect a phone to your existing Internet connection and make phone calls like a traditional phone line. Using this technology means cheaper rates, quicker setup and flexible configuration.

Mobile telephones are an important part of business of the twenty first century, it looks much more professional to have a geographical telephone number verus a mobile on your website, business cards, and stationery. Your number tells a tale about your business and how established it is. With Blue Penguins Virtual Telephone Connect, your business can also have a Liverpool or Blackpool number and give the impression that you are a nationally based business even though your office might be in a little village in Cheshire. Telephones are an essential tool for any business. But what if you are unable to take calls from customers because your line is busy or you're away from the office? Blue Penguins provides a solution by allowing you to divert calls to any landline or mobile number worldwide.

You can make cheap business calls on iPhones® or Android™ smartphones
  • You'll need a UK mobile and an iPhone® running (iOS4.3 or above)
    or an Android™ smartphone (version 2.2 or above)
  • Download the Zoiper mobile telephone app to your smartphone from your Club House
  • Follow the instructions in the app to link your smartphones to your connect account
  • Start making calls on your smartphone!
This would make sure you do not lose valuable business, when you are away from the office. You would be able your telephone number when you change your home or business locations since your new telephone number will be virtual. Virtual Telephone Connect also lets callers leave a message on your virtual answer phone if you do not pick up your phone, or if your telephone line is engaged with an important call.

Key features and benefits of Virtual Telephone Connect from Blue Penguins
  • Call Hunt: - The service will be of great benefit to you if you use home as your destination in the evening or need to use mobile during the day. Call hunt is our most popular service on our Virtual Telephone Connect Plan, specifically designed for clients who are constantly on the move. Customers who need their Blue Penguins telephone number to be diverted to multiple land lines, mobile, or other destinations.

  • Virtual Answerphone: - is voicemail with fully customisable answering message. Which voicemail messages directly recorded and sent to your email address as a .mp3 file. After your getting your messages delievered into your email, you can listen to voicemail messages, download, and save them for later.

  • Outbound Calling - with Virtual Telephone Connect, you are able to place an outbound calls using your Bluepenguins number as your CLI (Caller Line Identification). Your Blue Penguins Telephone number displayed on outbound calls, and not your private home or mobile phone number. Making and receiving calls via the internet (e.g. to WebPhone or an App on your smartphone) is particularly good value with Blue Penguins.

    Making mobile telephone calls can become very expensive the moment for few businesses. Some Mobile Telecom Operators may charge you up to forty pence per minute to call a freePhone number, which is still free from a landline. Virtual Telephone Connect has a nice some new features. Making VoIP telephone on your smart phone within seconds by using your mobile broadband instead of using your mobile minutes in your telephone plan. You can simply download the Zoiper mobile telephone app for your IOS (Apple) or Android smartphone or tablet. Setup is easy to convert your mobile broadband, and your smartphone into a flexible, low-cost business "virtual" number that keeps you connected where ever your life or work takes you.

    You could still use your existing landline telephone or any phone to make cheap outbound calls. The use of analogue telephone adapter (ATA) to connect your existing analog devices such as desk telephones, and cordless phones to use them with Virtual Telephone Connect. Blue Penguins does provide at no additional charge web based telephone application, where you can make and recieve telephone calls from your computer instantly.

  • Web control: - Control your number through any web browser, changing diverts immediately 24-7 and viewing your itemised call history online in real-time

  • SMS notification: - Receive text alerts when someone leaves a message.

What makes VoIP so attractive for businesses?
How to make and recieve 'office' calls, when you are out of the office.
Business phone calls can be significantly less expensive with VoIP than using a traditional fixed telephone service. Many companies will find out that there is less hardware to buy or lease to make their business phone systems work. In fact that many new VoIP telephone providers such as Blue Penguins will require no new hardware investment to make their phone systems work with VoIP. Your business might need some hardware, such as ATA adaptor (in order to get your existing telephones to work with VoIP), or a IP telephone.

Most of the hardware is typically based on standardised technologies such as session initiation protocol (SIP), as opposed to other VoIP telephone products that could get you tied into a particular telephone service provider such as Vonage. Monthly telephone number rental fees for VoIP telephone services are quite lower than with a fixed line provider.

Many VoIP service providers such as Blue Penguins have a tendency to be contract free, but some may ask to pre paid paid up front. Some VoIP telephone providers such as Blue Penguins, offer mobile telephone apps that could allow your business to make and receive calls from your phone's data connection. Zoiper is Blue Penguins mobile telephone app and setup is very simple and easy to do.

VoIP does and has some significant drawbacks to it's phone services
The main drawback is that if your internet service or your power cuts out, so does your VoIP telephone service. Blue Penguins can get this issue sorted out by diverting your incoming calls to answerphone automatically, or by rerouting your business calls to another destination such as a mobile phone or another landline number, in the event your service gets interrupted. This will not change the fact that you will not be able to make and receive telephone calls from your VoIP office phones.

Most VoIP service providers do offer unlimited calling as part of their telephone service package, but connecting to a mobile phone number or non geographic number (such as 0844, 0845, and 0871) will incur an extra charge not included your telephone package. An average business in the United Kingdom could use approximately 1,000 minutes in outbound calls per month. Your business is not average UK business and averages around 600 minutes each month. Just like many other companies in the UK such as web hosting and other service providers who generally make a profit by (overselling) knowing that most users will never use the average usage. On the plus side, Blue Penguins per minute outbound call rates tend to be very competitive in the UK market, please take a look at our Outbound Call Rates.

Blue Penguins UK Telecom call rates are very competitive with other VoIP telephony providers and we have outline what are the costs are to make telephone call. If you make international calls on a frequent basis, please see our full tariff List for complete details of other mobile and international destinations.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) audio quality is typically better than of a fixed land telephone based system, the voice quality can far exceed those of good mobile phone connection. Your broadband connection can seriously effect the quality VoIP telephone call. If your business broadband is slow and spotty, the audio quality can be reduced greatly or even drop out on the worst case scenario.