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Telephone Number Ranges Available

0800 Numbers  -  Freephone
Gain a powerful and immediate way to attract new business with your advertising. Customers will be attracted by the free number, choosing your business... giving you a competitive advantage.
Pick a Basic Connect Legend 0800 Freephone Number

0844 Numbers  -  Special Rate
Perfect if you're cautious about costs. Choose a 'national company' style number - that will help to pay for itself. Callers are charged a reasonable rate and you earn a share of the revenue.
Pick a Basic Connect Legend 0844Special Rate Number

0845 Numbers  -  Business Rate
Ideal way to attract more customers with cheap calls - and pay very little yourself. Give yourself a 'national' company image combined with caller-friendly, low cost style call rates for customers.
Pick a Basic Connect Legend 0845 Business Rate Number

Divert your basic telephone number to an existing destination
Blue Penguins UK offers an easy way for you to get a business-grade virtual UK number diverted to almost any existing landline, mobile, international, or VoIP destination. Once you have chosen your telephone number you can choose where you would like the call to be diverted to, by logging to your clubhouse and entering your preferred destination. When your clients call your telephone number, the call gets forwarded to the destination you specified in your clubhouse. You can change the destination divert anytime by logging on 24/7. By diverting your calls to a VoIP destination would most likely save you some money in the long run.

Measure your marketing and advertising campaigns
The use a dedicated non geographic number and log the calls on your adverts and marketing campaigns. Use different telephone numbers for each campaign if you want very specific advert relative statistics. 0800 freephone numbers also give your business the impression that you are a very big company that operates on a national level. Gain a powerful medium way attract new business with a freephone 0800 telephone number. Customers will be attracted by the free number, soon to be free on mobiles starting sometime in 2014, giving you a competitive advantage. You can also advertise one number across all your ad campaigns nation wide.

Our Basic Connect Legend Service Package from Blue Penguins UK.
Basic Connect: All you need to start diverting calls
Basic Connect Legend is the default service for most number ranges Blue Penguins UK offer, and you only pay for any call diversion costs associated with your virtual number. All calls are diverted to single fixed landline or mobile, including a VOIP destination.

If you want any of the extra features available with Advance Voice, Facsimile Services or Basic Switchboard, and/or a price plan tailored for a higher volume of calls like Professional or Enterprise Plans. You can always upgrading your service anytime, even after picking your number.

Key features and benefits of Basic Connect Legend
  • Get professional call forwarding - in the most economical way.
  • Choose whether calls are delivered by VoIP or PSTN.
  • Divert calls anywhere in the world, using the standard telephone network.
  • Even route calls anywhere in the world at very low cost, using VoIP.
  • Change your divert number, so calls reach you at work, at home, or on any landline.
  • Go to your numbers's online control to update the divert destination.
  • Enjoy business freedom, without penalties.
  • Get the benefits of expert support - from people, not machines.

VoIP (Voice over IP) specification for Blue Penguins UK Basic Connect Legend
  • We currently support the SIP standard (IAX support planned)
  • Choose the level of compression applied to VoIP audio,
    from high quality G.711 to highly compact G.729.
  • Instant changeover to PSTN is available through the online control,
    if your broadband is misbehaving.
  • Built-in test facilities ease fault finding.
  • Change your divert number, so calls reach you at work, at home, or on any landline.
  • Enjoy incredible savings without the loss of PSTN reliability.

Choose a 0845 Basic Connect Legend Telephone Number.
0845 telephone numbers is one of the most popular non geographic numbers in the UK. A 0845 number is a very great asset for any business or organisation. Being able to hide your geographic location is a keen benefit to most companies, and is also the cheapest option verus calling a /0844-numbers/ or 0871 number. All Blue Penguins UK Telecom's 0845 Basic Connect Legend numbers are seven digits long and start in the 686 prefi. While some numbers on the 0845 686 range consist of very memorable patterns, making them easy for people to remember. Obviously the better the seven digit number is easier to remember, the more expensive the one off cost can be. Due to the increasingly limited amount of 0845 numbers around these days, getting a memorable one is a must, but you have to act fast. You decide where you want the call to go. And it's free and easy to change the destination number at any time. If you need help choosing a number, you can give us a ring on 0161 713 2867. Pick a Basic 0845 Number