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The plan editor is fast and intuitive, and allows you to create a switchboard tailored to your needs in about 10 minutes. Like any technical product, however, you may need a helping hand if you have never set up a switchboard system before. That is why we include an offer quality expert support with every virtual switchboard we sell.
How much does it cost for a Business PBX Switchboard?

The reality of business is that you have people with different needs and skill levels, who need to be part of the team when they are away from the office, or remote working. While Internet telephony offers free calls and advanced features, it is not ubiquitous, and is vulnerable to the foibles of the internet. Blue Penguins UK offers you the freedom of using the ubiquity and ease of setup of traditional pstnPhones, along with the cost savings and sophistication of Internet Telephony. This is a "true hybrid phone system", and has enough unique features to support Blue Penguins UK claim that it is the only true hybrid in the world.
Discover all the Virtual PBX Switchboard features
  • Redirect your business calls to VoIP, landline or a mobile
  • Intelligent incoming call routing to different extensions
  • Manage your trading hours from your switchboard
  • Forward your business calls simultaneously
    or sequentially to your extensions
  • Professional studio recording available for your business
    prices start at 60.00 excluding Vat.
  • Answerphone messages sent to your email,
    and missed called notifications sent by SMS
  • Use of a service that adapts to your business needs
Enhance your businesses image with a virtual PBX telephone switchboard from Blue Penguins UK. There is need for hardware or software as the switchboard telephone service is cloud based. Your telephone number can be activated to use within minutes, during regular business hours. When a customer calls your business telephone switchboard phone number, they will hear your recorded business telephone greeting and then be redirected to the telephones or destinations that you have configured within your companies switchboard to ring first.
Blue Penguins UK Business PBX Switchboard Package.
A Business PBX Switchbard ia also known as a Private Branch Exchange, is a private telephone system used to direct business telephone calls to the right person or department. Most traditonal PBX Switchboards may have several outside telephone lines which users can share for making outside telephone calls. Since a trational PBX switchboard allows telephone within the company to connect with each other and also allows them to connect to telephone outside the system.

A traditonal PBX switchboard is normally owned by the business, and it is operated from within the company. A company normally will purchase a PBX switchboard and have the switchboard normally set by an expert in the companies office. Trditional business switchboards will cost a business a good penny, while a Virtual PBX Switchboard from Blue Penguins UK will cost a fraction of a traditonal switchboard? Blue Penguins UK offers a cloud based virtual pbx switchboard for your business, any capital investment to set up VoIP switchboard with Blue Penguins UK versus in-house PBX infrastructure could be too high of cost for any business, when you compare it to the potential return.

Since a cloud based telephone virtual switchboard from Blue Penguins UK could offer your business the same telephone services you would find on traditonal fixed line switchboard, but a lower operational cost. Blue Penguins UK offers expert support in the new virtual switchboard technology, whereas a small business would most likely have to hire an employee with the some level of expertise to operate a tradtional switchboard? Many companies cannot justify the expense of hiring a dedicated telecommunication infrastructure position, whether it be part or full time. Traditional telephony switchboards require on premise maintenance, along with a great deal of telephone wiring throughout your premise.

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Any additional virtual numbers will be charged at normal prices.

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