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The benefits of Professional Answers
  • Avoid losing business by getting contact details from callers who normally don't leave voicemail.

  • Save money by using our professional answering team without the expense of employing receptionists.

  • Relax about missing calls, confident that our team can handle them on your behalf.

  • Use the call centre as an 'overflow' at times when you're especially busy or business is booming.

  • Stay open 24-7, even taking calls while you sleep.

  • Professional Answers takes the name, contact number and a short message from every caller.

  • The details are sent to you immediately by SMS and email.

Here is how our telephone answering service works:

  • The client calls you, but you are not available to take the calls

  • The call is diverted to our professional answering team,
    where we will answer the your unanswered business call in your company name.

  • Contact telephone details are taken of the caller,
    and a brief telephone message is written down

  • We will ensure the caller you return the call as soon as possible,
    the brief message is passed along with the contact number which are then forwarded via email or sms

  • You can be assured that all business calls are handled professionally, personally & promptly!
How much does it cost? - Professional Answers is available at affordable prices for all business without any hidden per minute costs. A subscription charged quarterly, paid in advance of £ 58.50 exclusive of VAT. Which brings Professional Answers to just about £ 19.50 a month excluding VAT. With your paid Professional Answers subscription, which includes up to 15 anwsered calls a month with immediate SMS/email notification. Any additional messages are then charges at £1.25 exclusive of VAT.

Enhance your business image: Have an experienced phone answering operator take professional messages live for your UK phone number calls! Give a great impression with a real live virtual receptionist instead of standard voice mails. You can create the “corporate enterprise” image even if you are the only staff member!

Avoid people not leaving messages: You no longer need to run the risk of clients reaching an automated voice mail; instead they have a professional live human voice take a message for you. Studies have shown that clients are more likely to leave messages when a live answering service is used instead of pre-recorded machine voice mail services! This way you avoid the risk of people just hanging up as often.

Virtual Receptionist is affordable: With our service you do not need to employ a full time receptionist to handle your incoming answering requirements. What’s more is that the virtual receptionist service is available 24 / 7, so even if you are asleep you know your calls are being handled professionally.

Piece of mind 24/7: You can rest assured that the team can handle the calls for you and that your clients will be impressed with the impression that our virtual receptionists are able to give to your callers, this will offer you piece of mind when you are busy in meetings, resting or unable to take calls as the service is available 24 / 7

Set your answering preferences: With the live answering service you are able to specify how you would like your calls to be answered. You can also specify your company name, so people know they have dialed the correct number when the phone is answered.

Message via SMS / Email: Once the operator has taken a message they will send it to you immediately via SMS or Email. You can then check your messages when you have the time to and get back to your clients accordingly.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits of our telephone services

  • All unanswered calls will answered professionally in your business name
  • All contact details along with a message will be sent to your email or sms
  • Only cost £58.50 for the first three months, excluding vat

Give callers the impression that you are a corporate enterprise.
The benefits of having Professional Answers.
If you find your company is getting overwhelmed with calls at times of high demand or not available at certain times. You could use Blue Penguins UK Professional Answering Service to manage your incoming calls that you can not answer and to provide a better customer phone experience for potential clients and prospects. Professional Answers is available at affordable prices for all business, without any hidden per minute costs.

When you are not available to take a call instead of going straight to answerphone or a dead end, our Professional Answering Service member will be able answer the call in your personal or company name, then relays the message you specified as to why you are not available. This presents a much friendlier and more corporate 'voice' for your business, convincing customers to leave their personal details rather than ignoring the answerphone and hanging up. A Professional Answer Service team member, a highly skilled operator will take the callers details and a breif message on your behalf, then sends you their message and contact details by SMS and/or email.

How much are your missed calls costing you?:

  • 20% of all 'new' business comes in by phone
  • 80% of callers will not ring back if they can not speak to someone
  • Are you missing valuable opportunities?
If you are running a business, you will more than likely run into the problem of your customers unable to contact your business over the telephone. Most companies, no matter their size, will always run into this problem. When a customer is frustrated that they are unable to reach you or one of your staff, you will find out that this individual will no longer be your customer, because they will take their business elsewhere. Research has shown that the majority of people trying to get in touch of your business will not leave a message on answer phone.

Using Blue Penguins UK Professional Answering service as your 'right' outsourced partner that you can trust will free up your time, and possibly increase your profitability. Professional answering services from Blue Penguins UK could give your business the impression of being open twenty four hours, seven days a week, and 365 days a year if necessary. Once they have spoken to somebody who answered the call in your company name, the customer will be happy that he or she was able to have a conversation with a person rather than a machine.

Whenever your phone is unattended, busy or you simply wish to work undisturbed, you can easily set Professional Answers to automatically divert calls to live message taking person. Many UK businesses are struggling to keep their overheads to keep the costs low as possible, and our flexible call answering support will provides additional staff just when you need them just to take a message. Professional Answers from Blue Penguins UK avoids all the costs associated with employing additional staff at busy times. Professional Answers overflow call answering service can be set up with 24/7 support, or simply to help your business at busy periods.

Having a professional team from Blue Penguins UK could help free up time for your own staff to do the projects which is very essential for any business without being constantly disturbed. Using Professional Answers creates a professional and more “corporate image” for your business, enticing customers to leave their personal details rather than ignoring the voicemail and hanging up. Blue Penguins UK professional answering team will then send you the client’s message and contact details by SMS and email allowing you to return their calls when you are able to do so.

Blue Penguins UK professional telephone answering service is better than just using an answerphone for businesses unanswered calls. Blue Penguins UK will go out of our way to ensure that each unanswered business call of your company is handled professionally, with personality and a smile. If you wanted a robot, you will be keeping that old answerphone machine, and not be looking for human version of the answerphone over the internet. Blue Penguins UK professional answering service will help your business to perform better, more efficiently, by answering your unanswered calls, and your company should not lose another call or sale!

Blue Penguins UK will provide your company with professional telephone answering service that will be tailored to your business needs. Whether your company is a home based business, or a multi large corporation looking to support your current unanswered calls, our professional answering service is the alternative solution to the automated voice recorded answerphone.

Blue Penguins UK guarantees to provide the highest quality professional answering messaging service for your business. Proferssional answers will provide an everlasting impression on your callers about bussiness professionalism. Your company will neer need to miss a another call again!