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0161 Mancunian Numbers
from Blue Penguins UK

Service Package: Basic Connect Legend
The cost effective worldwide single call diversion package, either by landline mobile or VoIP destination.

Number Range: Local Mancunian Number
0161 939 xxxx

Cost to call a 0161 UK Telephone Number
'Not much' from BT landlines (it depends on what price plans the caller is on). When calling from UK mobiles it's usually taken from inclusive minutes.

0161 Mancunian Telephone Number Image.
Our local telephone number may indicate it being a Manchester city centre location (although technically, the 0161 939 xxxx range could possibly anywhere in the Manchester area).

Mobile Accessibility: Very good
Pricing of calls are very good from many mobiles, and minutes are also included in many mobile packages to UK geographic numbers.

International Accessibility: Perfect
All UK geographic numbers also have superior international accessibility. Ideal for use by overseas callers, and all international operators must support this range

Total cost of call diversion charges
The owner pays setup and regular rental fees. Call fees will apply on top, but may be very low for UK landline or VOIP termination. Blue Penguins 0161 numbers cost between one pence and one pence quarter per minute for diversion to a 01, 02 and 03 number. Diverts to a VOIP destination can be done without any charge. Additional call charges will apply for diverts to international and mobile destinations.

Local 0161 numbers from Blue Penguins
Virtual local telephone numbers are mainly used by companies who want to advertise in an Manchester area where they do not have an office. Local numbers we supply simply can divert your new Blue Penguins 0161 number to an existing landline, mobile or VoIP destination therefore making you look local.

Pick a 0161 Basic Connect Legend Number from a selection of numbers below.

Tariff Rate for a 0161 Mancunian Basic Connect Legend Telephone Service Plan
3.00 monthly subscription of rate, paid semi-annually in advance of 18.00 exclusive of VAT.
Initial line rental can vary from five to six month line rental.

0161 Mancunian Basic Connect Legend renewals are then billed semi-anually in advance of 18.00, excluding VAT.

Call Cost Explorer - calculate call diversion charges, the actual cost of pointing your number.

Your 0161 Mancunian Number from Blue Penguins UK Telecom
Will indicate that you are a local based business or organisation that is not trying to puff itself up.